Chef Joshua Smith Creates a Classic Fine Dining Experience
at General Warren in Chester County Pennsylvania

Chef Joshua Smith, Executive Chef

Executive Chef Joshua Smith leads our team of culinary talent. Local to Chester County, Joshua uses local sourced foods and classic techniques to create amazing dishes, having apprenticed and mentored with many of the local chefs in the suburban Philly food scene.

Q & A with Executive Chef Josh Smith

  • Q: Where did you grow up?
  • A: West Chester, PA
  • Q: Did you attend formal Culinary training?
  • A: Attended a local Culinary School but found on-the-job training more exciting and realistic. Found some great local chefs and developed my own internship program directly with them
  • Q: When did you realize you had talent in preparing food for others?
  • A: Around 12 -13 years of age. Been in kitchens ever since
  • Q: What are some of the restaurants you have worked in that added to your culinary skills after formal training?
  • A: Every restaurant kitchen offers great opportunities to learn styles and techniques, and these experiences created the foundation and growth in my culinary education that is now my own style
  • Q: What was your vision and goals that have lead you to where you are today as a Chef?
  • A: I love to cook. I have always wanted to be a chef and that’s what I have become. It comes naturally to me which makes it easy. If I had to “work” at it, I wouldn’t have the success I have had
  • Q: How did you get started in the Restaurant business?
  • A: Started as an entry level salad maker in a restaurant long gone from the scene and before long, the chef had me working alongside of him as his assistant chef. I’ve never looked back
  • Q: What makes your cuisine stand out from other styles and chefs you have worked with?
  • A: Experience and the art of learning from my mentors. I prefer to use first quality foods and proven techniques. Even a simple Pork Chop Entree with mashed potatoes, if you buy quality and use excellent culinary techniques, that simple plate can be a 4 star meal!
  • Q: Have you had any mentors that have helped you get to where you are today?
  • A: The European trained chefs of the 1980’s gave me my fundamentals and foundation I still use today. Patrick at General Warren has been a mentor since I joined the General Warren team in showing me how we all work together to create a dining experience and memories, not just great food.
  • Q: What is your current vision of the cuisine at General Warren and where is it going to be in the future?
  • A: I am currently taking advantage of the organic and health food trends to bring truly amazing foods to the masses. I want to take this trend and meld it with classical techniques and create classics with a modern flair. Many of today’s chefs shy away from classic cuisine from the past, however our history sets the pace for the future of food, much the same way General Warren has set the pace for local hospitality in the Great Valley for centuries.